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Woman of the Century/Harriet Pritchard Arnold

ARNOLD, Mrs. Harriet Pritchard, author, born in Killingly, Conn., in 1858. She was the only child of her parents. Her father was the Rev. B. F. Pritchard, a New England clergyman of Scotch and English descent, and her mother, Celia Handel Pritchard, was a lady of much refinement and cultivation. HARRIET PRITCHARD ARNOLD..jpgHARRIET PRITCHARD ARNOLD. Mrs. Arnold in her childhood evinced no particular fondness for books, evidently preferring outdoor recreations, which she enjoyed with keenest zest. While wandering among the wooded vales and hills near her home in a suburb of the beautiful city of Portland, Maine, where the greater part of her life was passed, she perhaps unconsciously developed the latent poetry in her nature, and when in 1882 a lingering illness afforded her many hours of leisure, the hitherto unencouraged desire for work of a literary nature found expression. Since that time poems and sketches from her pen have appeared in various magazines and periodicals under the signature H. E. P., and her maiden name, Harriet E. Pritchard. In the year 1886, Miss Pritchard became the wife of Ernest Warner Arnold, of Providence, R.I, which city has since been her home. There in the companionship of her husband, son and little daughter she displays a modest and home-loving nature