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Woman of the Century/Helen Louise B. Babcock

HELEN LOUISE B. BABCOCK.jpgHELEN LOUISE B. BABCOCK. BABCOCK, Mrs. Helen Louise B., dramatic reader, born in Galva, III.. 13th August, 1867. Her maiden name was Bailey. She early displayed a marked talent for elocution and on reaching woman's estate she decided to make dramatic reading her profession. With that aim she became a pupil in the Cumnock School of Oratory of the Northwestern University, and, being an earnest student, she was graduated with the highest honors. Afterwards she became an assistant instructor in the same oratorical school and was very successful in the delicate and difficult work of developing elocutionary and dramatic talents in others. Perfectly familiar with the work, she was able to guide students rapidly Over the rough places and start them on the high road to success. After severing her connection with the Cumnock school, she taught for a time in Mount Vernon Seminary, Washington, D. C. After the death of her mother, in 1890, she accompanied her father abroad and spent some time in visiting the principal countries of Europe. In 1891 she was married to Dr. F. C. Babcock, of Hastings. Neb., where she now lives.