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WINSLOW, Miss Helen M., author, born in Westfield, Vt., 13th April. 1851. She is in the ninth generation of descent from Kenelm Winslow, a brother of Governor Winslow, of the Plymouth Colony Her great-grandmother Winslow was Abigail Adams. In her infancy her family removed to Greenfield. Mass., and afterwards to St. Albans, Vt, where her father was a leader in musical circles. He was a musical composer of note and a member of the first English opera company organized in the United States. HELEN M. WINSLOW A woman of the century (page 801 crop).jpgHELEN M. WINSLOW. Mrs. Winslow was a scholar, a linguist and a poet Helen was educated in the Vermont schools and finished with the normal course. She began early to write. She published her "Aunt Philurv Papers" first, and next her story, "Jack," both of which were well received. After her mother's death and her father's re-marriage, she went to Boston, Mass., where she has since lived in the Roxbury District with her three sisters. Her first serial story, "The Shawsheen Mills," was published in the "Yankee Blade." In 1886 she published "A Bohemian Chapter" as a serial in the Boston "Beacon," a story telling of the struggles of a woman artist in Boston. In poetry she has written equally well. Many of her poems are devoted to nature, and they all show finished work in form. She has done much journalistic work. She served first on the Boston "Transcript," and later she became one of the regular staff of the Boston "Advertiser," doing work at the same time for the Boston "Saturday Evening Gazette." Besides doing work on almost every Boston daily, "The Christian Union," "Christian at Work," "Interior," "Drake's Magazine," "Demorest's Magazine," the "Arena," "Journal of Education," "Wide Awake," "Youth's Companion," "Cottage Hearth," and other periodicals were mediums through which she addressed the public. Her work covers a wide range, and all of it is well done. She has been treasurer of the New England Woman's Press Association since its foundation, and was one of its six founders She is vice-president of the Press League.