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LAWTON, Mrs. Henrietta Beebe, musician and educator, born in New York, N. Y., 2nd December, 1844. Her father was William H. Beebe, the well-known hatter, who was conspicuous for his espousal of the cause of the workingman. HENRIETTA BEEBE LAWTON A woman of the century (page 464 crop).jpgHENRIETTA BEEBE LAWTON, Henrietta was a musical child. Her fine voice was early discovered, and she received a very liberal and thorough training. At the age of fourteen she was already a successful church-choir singer, and for thirty years she sang in the most prominent choirs in New York City. At the age of sixteen years she sang in Haydn's "Creation" in Cooper institute, under the direction of Professor Charles A. Guilmette, her first teacher. She was successful throughout her career before the public. She did a notable work in English music, both sacred and secular. For fifteen years she was connected with the English Glee Club of New York City. She has visited Europe four times. In 1867 she went to Milan, Italy, to study with Perini and to perfect herself in the Italian method of singing. In 1881 she went to London, Eng., where she studied a year with Sir Julius Benedict, Sir Michael Costa, Joseph Bamby, Fred. Cowen, and others of the best English musicians. The climate of London proved uncongenial to her, and she was obliged to give up her plan of permanent residence in that city. Among her English friends was Jenny Lind Goldschmidt. In 1886 Miss Beebe became the wife of William H. Lawton, the distinguished tenor. Since her marriage she has made her home in New York She is now employed by Mrs. Jeannette M. Thurber in the National Conservatory of Music in New York City. She is devoting her time entirely to the teaching of oratorio and secular English music.