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HENRIETTE BUCK.jpgHENRIETTE BUCK. BUCK, Mme. Henriette, educator, born in London, England. 8th January, 1864, during a casual sojourn of her parents, who are Parisians, in that city. Her maiden name was Berdot. Her father, Henri Berdot, is a descendant of a noble Spanish family. One of her aunts, the Baronne de Carbonnel and Marquise de Baudricourt, was a clever author of some reputation. Madame Buck was educated in the l>est schools in Paris, and after receiving various scholastic honors she obtained the highly prized diploma of the University of France, which entitles the receiver to hold the position of professor in any scholastic position in France. After teaching successfully for several years, she was married to W. Edgar Buck, an eminent bass vocalist and professor of singing, who was a former pupil of Signor Manuel Garcia. Madame Buck and her husband came to America and settled in Montreal, Canada, where they were successful in their respective professions. In June, 1890, Mr. Buck was called to Toronto, Canada, as conductor of the Toronto Vocal Society, Madame Buck formed French classes in that city, and has been very successful in private tuition. She is the leading teacher of French in Toronto. Her literary talent is shown in the comedies and plays which she writes for her classes to perform. She writes fluently in both English and French and is an accomplished musician.