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SILLER, Miss Hilda, poet, born in Dubuque, Iowa. 7th August, 1861. Her father is Frank Siller, of Milwaukee, Wis., who is known as "the German poet." but who emigrated to America from St. Petersburg, Russia, when a boy of fifteen. HILDA SILLER A woman of the century (page 667 crop).jpgHILDA SILLER. Her mother's maiden name was Sarah Baldwin. She was an English woman. Hilda Siller has inherited from her parents a love of literature and art. She excels the average amateur musician in the same degree that she excels the average local poet. She wrote for " Our Continent" in its palmiest days, later for the Springfield " Republican," Boston "Transcript," New York "Post," Chicago "Inter- Ocean," "The South." St. Louis "Globe- Democrat" and for Wisconsin papers generally. She studied music with the best teachers abroad as well as in Milwaukee, and the works of Chopin and Beethoven found in her a skilled and sympathetic interpreter. She has written some very good stories. The fact that father and daughter are both poets and both possess conspicuous German traits gives them a sort of unified personality. No sketch of one seems complete without more than passing mention of the other, both having striking artistic temperaments, and the same appreciation of humor, though the latter does not show itself in their poetic writings. On the contrary, the poems of Frank and Hilda Siller are alike distinguished for their pathos. They have been widely translated from English into German and extensively copied in German periodicals.