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HINMAN, Miss Ida, litterateur and journalist, was born in Keokuk, Iowa. Sir Edward Hinman. the progenitor of the family in America, was an officer of the body-guard of Charles I. of England. After the king's death, having risked all for royalty, he came to America and settled in Connecticut. He was the father of two sons, from the oldest of whom Miss Hinman's family is descended. Her father. B. B. Hinman, was for years a successful merchant in Keokuk. Her mother, who before marriage was Miss Ellen E. Fithian. is a woman of rare strength of character. Ida, the fourth child, was the first to live to maturity. IDA HINMAN A woman of the century (page 390 crop).jpgIDA HINMAN. She has two younger sisters. Ella and Carrie. Miss Hinman is a graduate of the Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, and early in life she showed a decided tendency toward literary pursuits, which, when financial difficulties overtook the family. she utilized with profit and success. She has contributed for a number of years to many periodicals, including " Harper's Magazine," leading religious journals and prominent newspapers. For five seasons she had charge of the Washington, D. C, correspondence of a large New York paper, doing an incredible amount of work. She spent a part of the year 1891 in Europe, writing for a number of American periodicals. Among the questions that her editors desired her to investigate were the socialist movement in Germany, the principles of the sub-treasury system in England, and the impetus that the temperance movement has received in Germany. Though not strong, Miss Hinman can do a large amount of work in her profession.