Woman of the Century/Ida May Davis

IDA HAY DAVIS.jpgIDA HAY DAVIS. DAVIS, Mrs. Ida May, litterateur, born in Lafayette, Ind., 22nd February, 1857. Her maiden name was Ida May De Puy. Her father was of French descent, and from him Mrs. Davis inherits her humor and vivacity. She was thoroughly educated, and her poetic inclinations and talents showed themselves at an early age. She has always been a facile versifier, and her thoughts naturally flow in rhyme. When she was seventeen years old, she began to publish poems, all of which were extensively copied and commended. Her productions have appeared in newspapers and magazines of the Central and Rocky Mountain States. She is a member of the Western Association of Writers, founded in 1886. and she has been conspicuous in the annals of that society, which she now serves as secretary. She is an artist of much talent and paints well. Her poems are mainly lyrical in form. She became the wife of Henry Clay Davis, of southern birth, in 1876. Mrs. Davis resides in Terre Haute, Ind., where she is the center of a circle of literary and artistic persons. She is an ex-teacher and is a member of the board of education of Terre Haute, having been elected in 1891.