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Woman of the Century/Jennie M. Bingham

JENNIE H. BINGHAM.jpgJENNIE H. BINGHAM. BINGHAM, Miss Jennie M., author, born in Fulton, N. Y., 16th March, 1859. She is the daughter of Jane Mills and the Rev. Dr. I. S. Bingham. Her father has been for forty-eight years in the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church. When poor health shut oil the possibility of teaching. Miss Bingham turned to her pen for a livelihood. Her first article offered for publication was a little story entitled "A Hospital Sketch," which appeared in the "Christian Union." Among her early productions was a missionary story, "A Grain of Mustard Seel" (18S1). Eight-thousand copies were sold during the first six months after publication, the proceeds of which founded a home in Japan. She works in every department of literature, book-reviewing, essay writing, fiction, poetry, Sunday-school helps and art criticism. Some of her short stories have appeared in " Harper's Young People." She is the author of two books. "Annals of the Round Table" U8S5), and "All Glorious Within" (18891, the latter a story embodying the origin and work of the King's Daughters! She has been specially interested in the charities of New York City, and part of her labor has been in visiting then and writing concerning them. The Newsboys' Lodging-house, Five Points Mission, Flower Mission. Florence Night Mission, and Children's Aid Society are among her subjects. Her life has been a busy one, in which literature has only been incidental. Her home is in Herkimer. N. Y.