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JOANNA MARSHALL A woman of the century (page 505 crop).jpgJOANNA MARSHALL. MARSHALL, Miss Joanna, poet, born in Harford county, Md., 14th August, 1822. There were published her first attempts at song-writing. Her early life was spent mainly in Baltimore. Md., where her family lived for many years. In her childhood home she received her first schooling from her father, Thomas Marshall. Having directed the elements of her education aright, he permitted her to browse at will in his well-stocked library, Joanna received her literary bent from her father. No slave ever toiled on her father's homestead, freedmen tilled his lands, and women disenslaved performed the household services. Her mother, Sarah Marshall, belonged to the Montgomery family, one of the oldest and most prominent of Maryland. In their Fairmount home in Cincinnati, Ohio, for many years have lived the Marshall sisters. The three sisters shared the home of their married sister, Mrs. Louis F. Lannay. Miss Marshall possesses a pleasing personality. Her love of flowers she shares with tier love of poesy. Endowed with a deep religious feeling, she aims to make her life Christ-like. Her pen is always ready with contributions to Christian literature. A deep spirituality pervades her later poems. The late years of Miss Marshall's life are lied with peace. Her pen is not so busy as in her earlier days, but her later productions have been her very best.