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Woman of the Century/Katharine Prescott Wormeley

WORMELEY, Miss Katherine Prescott, translator, born in Ipswich, England, 14th January, 1830. She is the second daughter of Admiral Wormeley, active during the war in connection with the Sanitary Commission. She served under McOlmsted on the James river and the Pamunky, and was afterwards made lady superintendent of the hospital for convalescent soldiers in Portsmouth Grove, R. I. She published many of her letters in a book called "Hospital Transports," and in another volume on the work of the Sanitary Commission. These works have been recently republished under another name. Miss Wormeley resides principally in Newport, R. I., where she engages actively in all matters touching sanitary improvement, charity organization, the employment of women, instruction for girls in household duties and in cooking-schools. She is the translator of Balzac for a Boston publishing firm, and her work is praised as an almost unrivaled translation. She has also translated works by George Sand.