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NEWELL, Mrs. Laura Emellne, song-writer, born in New Marlborough, Mass., 5th February, 1854. She is a daughter of Edward A. Pixley and Anna Laura Pixley. Her mother died when Laura was only a few days old, and the child was adopted by her aunt, Mrs. E. H. Emerson, of New York City. LAURA EVELINE NEWELL A woman of the century (page 543 crop).jpgLAURA EVELINE NEWELL. Her home is in Zeandale, Kans. Her husband is an architect and builder, and he works at his trade. Her family consists of six children, and in spite of her onerous domestic cares Mrs Newell has been and now is a most prolific writer of songs and poems. She began to write poetry at an early age, publishing when she was fourteen years old. Many of her early productions appeared in local papers. Her first attempt to enter a broader field was made in "Arthur's Magazine." Several of her songs were set to music and published by eastern houses, and since their appearance she has devoted herself mainly to the writing of songs for sacred or secular music. During the past decade she has written over two-thousand poems and songs, which have been published. Besides those, she written enough verse to fill a volume, which she is keeping for future publication. In the year 1890 several hundreds of her productions were published in various forms. She writes in all veins, but her particular liking is for sacred songs. Her work as a professional song-writer is very exacting, but she has a peculiar combination of talents that enables her to do quickly and well whatever is required of her Of late she is composing music to a limited extent She also adapts words to music for composers. In 1891 a Chicago house published a children's day service of hers, entitled "Gems for His Crown," over eighteen-thousand copies of which were readily sold. In 1892 the same firm accepted three services of hers, "Grateful Offerings to Our King," a children's day service, "Harvest Sheaves," for Thanksgiving or harvest home exercises, and "The Prince of Peace," a Christmas service.