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Woman of the Century/Leora Bettison Robinson

ROBINSON, Mrs. Leora Bettison, author, born in Little Rock, Ark., 8th June, 1840. Her parents, Dr. Joseph R. Bettison and Ann Eliza Cathcart, moved to Louisville, Ky., before she was a year old. The Bettisons are of distinguished Huguenot lineage, being descended from Pierre Robert, of South Carolina. Mrs. Bettison's family belong to the Cathcarts. of Glasgow, Scotland, who, before coming to America in the seventeeth century, had settled in Antrim county, Ireland. Dr. Bettison was a surgeon in the Confederate army. Leora was the sixth of eleven children. In her classes, always the genius during her school-days, her writings attracted attention, and many of her early efforts were published in the local papers. LEORA BETTISON ROBINSON A woman of the century (page 626 crop).jpgLEORA BETTISON ROBINSON. On 29th June, 1864, she became the wife of Prof. Norman Robinson, a graduate of Rochester University. To that union was born one child, Jeannette Cathcart. Prof, and Mrs. Robinson established in Louisville a flourishing school, named Holyoke Academy. During that time she wrote her earliest books, "Than (New York, 1877), a sequel to "The House With Spectacles." and "Patsy" (New York. 1878). Owing to an accumulation of business interests in Florida, Prof. Robinson moved to that State in 1880, where he now holds the office of State chemist and resides in the capital, Tallahassee. Mrs. Robinson has there done the best literary work of her life. It is conceded, that by her contributions to the press and her pamphlet, "Living in Florida," she has done more to induce immigration to the State than any other agency has accomplished. She is a member of the Baptist Church.