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LIDA SCRANTON A woman of the century (page 647 crop).jpgLIDA SCRANTON. SCRANTON, Miss Lida, social leader, born in Scranton, Pa.. 20th July, 1868. She is the only daughter of Congressman Scranton, of the 11th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. She made her début in Washington during her father's second term in Congress, in 1884 and 1885. She is descended on both sides of the house from families of historic renown. Her father belongs to the celebrated Scrantons, of Connecticut, who settled in Guilford in the latter part of the seventeenth century. Her mother was the daughter of General A. N. Meylert, who was associated with all the early industries of Pennsylvania, and the granddaughter of Meylert, who was an intimate friend of Napoleon I, and fought on his staff as volunteer aid during the temporary illness of D'Abrantes in the battle of Friedland. Miss Scranton has inherited all the noble qualities of her ancestors, which make her a general favorite. Her eyes are dark brown in color. Her hair is tinged with a shade of gold in the sunlight. She is vivacious in manner, intelligent and witty. She is a fine horsewoman. A great deal of attention has been paid to her musical education, and she sings and plays exquisitely, having a rich contralto voice.