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Woman of the Century/Lillian Rozell Messenger

MESSENGER, Mrs. Lillian Rozell, poet, was born in Ballard county, Ky. Her parents were Virginians. Her paternal grandfather came from Nice, France, during the Napoleonic War and settled in Virginia. Her maternal ancestors were of English descent Her father was a gifted physician, fond of poetry and music. Lillian's early education was varied, and her free country life made her familiar with nature. From reading poetry, she early began to make it At the age of sixteen she began to publish her poetical productions, and her pen has never been idle for any great length of time since then. Her father died while she was in college. After Dr. Rozell's death Lillian did not return to school. When a little more than sixteen years of age, she became the wife of North A. Messenger, a native of Tuscumbia, Ala., an editor and a man of means. His father had been an editor for forty years before him. Their wedded life was brief, only lasting four years, when Mr. Messenger died. She was left with one son, whom she raised and educated. He is a journalist. After her husband's death she made her home in Washington, D. C. She has published four