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LILY IRENE JACKSON A woman of the century (page 425 crop).jpgLILY IRENE JACKSON. JACKSON, Miss Lily Irene, sculptor, artist and designer, born in Parkersburg, W. Va. which has always been her home. She is recognized as an artist of merit. She has studied in New York, and some of her work has been highly praised by art critics and has sold for good prices. Several of her paintings arc to find place in the art exhibit in the World's Fair in 1893. It is in painting she excels, although in sculpture her work has elicited the commendation of leading artists. Miss Jackson is descended from one of the most noted families of the South. Her father, Hon. John J. Jackson, has for over a quarter of a century been Federal District Judge in West Virginia. Her grandfather, General Jackson, was in his day possessed of all those lofty virtues that went to make up a typical southern gentleman of the old school. She is closely related to the great "Stonewall" Jackson, and is a niece of ex-Governor I. B. Jackson, all of Parkersburg. This noted family holds for itself a high standing in the community in which they live. For nearly a century Parkersburg has been their home, Miss Jackson, by her attainments, keeps fresh in the memory of a large society circle the charm of the belles and beauties of her name of the old regime. She is a member of the Board of Lady Managers of the World's Fair, and represents West Virginia in that body. She is indefatigable in her work.