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Woman of the Century/Lizette Woodworth Reese

REESE, Miss Lizette Woodworth, poet, born in a country place near Baltimore, Md., 9th January, 1856. Her parents were French and German, and her blood has a dash of Welsh from her father's side. Her parents moved to Pittsburgh, Pa., when she was a child. They lived in that city only six months, when they removed to Baltimore, Md., where they have resided ever since. Miss Reese was able to read when she was five years old, and she read in childhood everything that came in her way, history, essays, novels, poems and religious biography. At the age of eight years she was reading Dickens and Thackeray. Her education was conducted on a LIZETTE WOODWORTH REESE A woman of the century (page 612 crop).jpgLIZETTE WOODWORTH REESE. broad plan. She began to versify early, and her work showed unusual merit, even in her first attempts. She published a volume of verse, "A Branch of May," in 1887, and the most conspicuous critics and authors gave it a cordial reception. She is not a prolific writer. She is a deliberate worker, and her best work comes out at the rate of only three or four poems a year. Some of her most notable verses have appeared in " The Magazine of Poetry." She has recently published a second volume of poems, "A Handful of Lavender" (Boston, 1891). She is a teacher by profession and lives in Baltimore.