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Woman of the Century/Lizzie P. E. Evans

EVANS, Mrs. Lizzie P. E., novelist, born in Arlington, Mass , 27th August, 1846. LIZZIE P. E. EVANS.jpgLIZZIE P. E. EVANS. She is the youngest daughter of the late Captain Endor and Lydia Adams Estabrook, and a granddaughter of Deacon John Adams, who owned and occupied the Adams house, which was riddled with bullets when war swept through the quiet streets of West Cambridge, now Arlington, as the British soldiers, on their retreat from Concord and Lexington, erroneously supposed that the patriot, Samuel Adams, a cousin of Deacon John Adams, was secreted within its walls. Lizzie Phelps Estabrook became the wife of Andrew Allison Evans of Boston, Mass. He died in May, 18S8. Mrs. Evans resides in Somerville, Mass. Among her published works is the quaintly humorous book "Aunt Nabby," an entertaining picture of country life, customs, dialects and ideas. The book is a successful essay in laughing down the overdone conventionalities of fashionable life. Another of her successful books is "From Summer to Summer," an entertaining home story. Many short stories and sketches from her pen have been published under the pen-name " Esta Brooks "