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RICHMOND, Miss Lizzie R., business woman and insurance agent, born in Lacon, Ill., LIZZIE R. RICHMOND A woman of the century (page 618 crop).jpgLIZZIE R. RICHMOND. 19th November, 1850. Her father, Samuel Lee Richmond, a distinguished jurist on the circuit bench of Illinois at the time of his death, was a native of Vermont. When a child, his father's family removed to northern Ohio. He studied law in Kentucky and Ohio, and was admitted to the bar of both States. He married in Ohio and settled to the practice of his profession in Lacon, Ill., where he became prominent. Hi t mother's family is of old New England stock. Miss Richmond has accomplished much in her present home, Peoria, Ill. When she started as an insurance agent, a business woman was hardly heard of in the place. Men discovered that a woman could attend to business and be a lady, and her entrance into business life has opened the professional offices to women. There is hardly an office in Peoria now that has not at least one woman connected with it in one capacity or another. It was uphill and hard work, and some of her competitors insisted that she would not succeed, while others extended the hand of fellowship. She has succeeded, in spite of all predictions to the contrary. She manages a large business in the most efficient manner. She is recognized as one of the most successful business managers in Peoria.