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Woman of the Century/Louise Esther Vickroy Boyd

BOYD, Mrs. Louise Esther Vickroy, author, born in Urbana, Ohio, 2nd January, 1827. LOUISE ESTER VICKROY BOYD.jpgLOUISE ESTER VICKROY BOYD. When she was about four years of age, her parents removed to Ferndale, a picturesque valley among the mountains near Johnstown, Pa. Although good schools were scarce in those days, her education was not neglected, and for two years she was a pupil in the select school of Miss Esther R. Barton, in Lancaster Pa. While a young woman she made frequent visits to Philadelphia, and she there became acquainted with many of the authors and literary people of that city. Her first poem was written in 1851. The next year she became a regular contributor to Grace Greenwood's "Little Pilgrim." and frequently, since that time, her poems as well as prose sketches have appeared in magazines and newspapers, among others the "Knickerbocker," "Graham's Magazine," "Appleton's Journal," the New York "Tribune," the Philadelphia "Saturday Evening Post," the Cincinnati "Gazette," "Woman's Journal," the Indianapolis "Journal," "Wide Awake," the "Century," and others. For several years she was engaged in teaching, until in September, iS6«;, she became the wife of Dr. S. S. Boyd, since which time her home has been in Dublin, Ind. Mrs. Boyd's married life was a most happy one. Her husband was a man of line literary taste and an ardent worker in the cause of humanity, and she was strengthened and encouraged by him in the causes of temperance and woman suffrage. She is well known as an advocate of woman suffrage. Well acquainted with history, she has watched with unfailing interest all the movements of our eventful times, her sympathies ever on the side of the oppressed. She has frequently appeared on the platform, where she has a good presence, is natural, womanly, logical and sprightly. She is greatly interested in creating a State literature, and she has not only furnished much material for it, but has done a great deal toward creating a correct and pure literary taste in her own town and county. She was reared in the faith of the followers of Emanuel Swcdcnborg, but is now an earnest member of the Christian Church. She has been a widow since 1888.