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MARKSCHEFFEL, Mrs. Louise, journalist, born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1857. Her mother's father was the president of one of the Cantons of Switzerland, and was descended from royalty. LOUISE MARKSCHEFFEL A woman of the century (page 504 crop).jpgLOUISE MARKSCHEFFEL. His daughter fell in love and eloped with Caspar Weber, a teacher in a Swiss university. The young couple came to the United States, finally fixing their home in Toledo, Ohio. There, in a strange land, after a hand-to-hand struggle with poverty during those earlier years, Mrs. Weber gave up her life in bringing Louise the youngest of nine children, into the world When but two weeks old, the little Louise was taken by her father's brother, George Weber, and his wife, to be brought up by them as their own child. She attended the public schools and showed great aptness as a scholar, but at the early age of fifteen her school career was brought to a close by her betrothal and marriage to Carl Markscheffel. a prosperous business man of large property. That occurred 15th October, 1872. Four years later her son Carlos was born. Mr. MarkscherTel died in August, 1892, after a long and painful illness. Mrs. Markscheffel began her regular literary work some six years ago. when continued misfortunes had caused Mr. Markscheffel's loss of fortune and bereft him of health and ambition. She became the literary and society editor of the Toledo "Sunday Journal." Her work immediately became a marked feature of the "Journal." She created social columns that are absolutely unique, and delightful even to those who care nothing for the news details. Her leaders sparkle with bright comments upon things in general, with witty sayings, mingled with pathetic incidents, while underneath runs a current of kindly thought that can only come from a truly womanly spirit. She is an excellent dramatic, musical and literary critic. In the intervals of her arduous labors, she occasionally finds time to contribute short stories and sketches to eastern papers.