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HOOPER, Mrs. Lucy Hamilton, poet and journalist, born in Philadelphia, Pa., 20th January, LUCY HAMILTON HOOPER.jpgLUCY HAMILTON HOOPER. 1835. She was the daughter of a well-known merchant of that city. Her maiden name was Jones. She became the wife, in 1854, of Robert E. Hooper, a native of Philadelphia, and resided in that city until a few years ago. Her first poems, written at a very early age, were published in "Godey's Lady's Book." In 1864 appeared a small collection of her poems, published by Mr. Leypoldt, the first hundred copies of the edition being presented by the author to the Great Central Fair for the benefit of the sanitary commission, which was then in progress in Philadelphia. In 1868 was begun the publication of "Lippincott's Magazine," to which Mrs. Hooper became a constant contributor. She assumed the functions of assistant editor of that periodical, a post which she retained till her visit to Europe, in 1870. In 1871 a second collection of her poems was published, including most of those that had been printed in the first volume, with important additions. Though born to great wealth, Mrs. Hooper found herself finally compelled by the consequence of a commercial crisis to adopt, as a profession, those literary pursuits which had hitherto formed her favorite recreation. She went to Europe in 1874 to become the Paris correspondent of several prominent American newspapers. Her efforts in that direction have been crowned with success. She is now a regular contributor to the "Daily Evening Telegraph," of Philadelphia, an engagement of sixteen years' duration, and of the "Post-Dispatch." of St. Louis. She is the author of a translation of Alphonse Daudet's novel, "The Nabob," which was published by special agreement with M. Daudet An original novel, called " Under the Tricolor," and a four-act drama, entitled "Helen's Inheritance," have been her latest literary works of important character. The latter was first produced in June, 1888, in a French version, in the Theatre d'Application, in Paris, Miss Nettie Hooper playing the part of the heroine. She sustained the role when the piece was brought out by A. M. Palmer in the Madison Square Theater, in New York, in December, 1889. The drama has been played under another title, "Inherited," throughout the United States for several seasons past. Mrs. Hooper has contributed a large number of stories, articles and poems to the leading American periodicals during the past twenty years. Her home is in Paris, France.