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RAMSEY, Mrs. Lulu A., temperance worker, was born near Fort Wayne, Ind. Her father, Rev. John Stoner was a prominent clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church. At an early age she entered the Methodist Episcopal College in Fort Wayne, where her education was mainly acquired. Immediately after her graduation she began to teach school. In 1886 she became the wife of Samuel A. Ramsey. LLB., a lawyer of Pittsburgh, Pa. They settled in Woonsocket, South Dakota, where they are at present living. Mr. Ramsey was one of the delegates to the constitutional convention LULU A. RAMSEY A woman of the century (page 606 crop).jpgLULU A. RAMSEY. of South Dakota in 1889, and holds the position of Commissioner of the World's Fair from his State. Mrs. Ramsey has been identified from the first with the most prominent workers of the place, whose aim is social reform or intellectual advancement. She is an accomplished woman, a musician of no common grade, gifted in painting and a fine elocutionist. The citizens of Woonsocket placed her upon the city board of education, and she was chosen president Broad in her aims and charities and a firm believer in woman's power and influence, she chose the Woman's Christian Temperance Union as the field wherein to exert her energies and benevolences. She has been for years president of the local union, has taken an active part in the work of her district, for which she fills the office of corresponding secretary, and which selected her as its representative in the national convention in Boston, in November, 1892. Her ambition is to place before girls and boys, who are desirous of obtaining a liberal education, an opportunity to pursue their ambition, by founding for them an industrial school, which shall be so broad and practical in its aims and methods that each pupil will be self-supporting while there, and will leave the institution as master of some occupation. It is her desire to make the school the especial charge of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Her philanthropic interests are many and varied.