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Woman of the Century/Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

SANGSTER, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth, author and editor, born in New Rochelle, N. Y., 22nd February, 1838. Her maiden name was Margaret Elizabeth Munson. She was educated principally at home, and in childhood she was precocious and gave signs of her literary talents. In 1858 she became the wife of George Sangster. Her literary productions were numerous, and she was a regular contributor to many of the leading periodicals. She gradually drifted into editorial work, and in 1871 she became the editor of "Hearth and Home." In 1873 she took an editorial position on the "Christian at Work," which she held for six years. MARGARET ELIZABETH SANGSTER A woman of the century (page 642 crop).jpgMARGARET ELIZABETH SANGSTER. In 1879 she joined the staff of the "Christian Intelligencer." and served as assistant editor until 1888. In 18S2 she added to her work the editing of "Harper's Young People," then starting. In 1890 she became the editor of "Harper's Bazar," which position she now fills. During all her busy years she has written poems of high order. Her miscellaneous work includes stories, sketches, essays, editorial comment, criticisms and everything else implied in the important journalistic positions she has held. Her published books are "Manual of Missions of the Reformed Church in America" (New York, 1878); "Poems of the Household" (Boston, 1883); "Home Fairies and Heart Flowers" (New York, 1887), and a series of Sunday-school books. She is fond of music and society. Her family consists of several relatives, among them her grandchildren, the children of her dead son and step-daughter. She is a conspicuous personage in the literary and social circle of New York. Her home is in Brooklyn. N.Y.