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HALL, Mrs. Margaret Thompson, educator and newspaper correspondent, born in Dayton, Ohio, 28th March, 1854. Great care was taken with her early education by her father, the late Dr. Thompson, who was a member of the Medical Board in Nashville, Tenn., during the latter part of the Civil War. MARGARET THOMPSON HALL.jpgMARGARET THOMPSON HALL. As a child she snowed a keen desire for learning, and at the age of fifteen she was graduated, but continued her studies under Professor A. Reily, D.D., of Michigan. Being a natural musician, she accompanied her father through central Ohio on his recruiting expeditions for the Union Army. After the war, with her widowed mother and gallant brother, Capt. J. A. Thompson, she settled in Iowa, and then took up her vocation as a teacher, continuing her labors there and in Illinois until her marriage to J. Charles Hall, the publisher of the "Pacific Veteran." of San Francisco, Cal. She was the associate editor of that paper as long as it continued publication. She also organized and formed a department of the Loyal Ladies' League, and was publicly decorated for her services to the Grand Army of the Republic by the late General Sullivan. From time to time her little sketches and letters have appeared in different papers, among which are the "National Tribune," of Washington, D. C, the "American Tribune," the "Golden Gate" and Healdsburg " Enterprise," of California. Literary work of varied kinds has been her occupation for the last two years.