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STOTT, Mrs. Mary Perry, business woman, born in Wooster. Wayne county, Ohio, 18th August, 1842, of English parentage. In 1852 her father with his family commenced the perilous trip across the plains for Oregon, then a land of vague and magnificent promise. After much privation and danger from hostile Indians and cholera, they arrived in Oregon City, then the largest settlement, afterward locating in Yam Hill county, where Mrs. Stott has since lived. Her life at that time was full of the privation and dangers incident to frontier existence everywhere. The schools were poor, but, with limited opportunities, she succeeded in educating herself for a teacher. She taught until she became the wife of F. D. Stott, in 1866. Since that time she has been an earnest and enthusiastic worker for female suffrage, higher education and kindred reforms. For the last twelve years she has been railroad station-agent in North Yam Hill, a position that affords her pleasant mental occupation, and for which she is especially fitted by reason of her business capacity. In addition to that charge, she oversees the working of her farm. She has been a widow for some years and has four living children. Her life is a busy and well-regulated one.