Woman of the Century/Maud Morgan

MORGAN, Miss Maud, harpist, born in New York, N. Y., 22nd November, 1864. She is a MAUD MORGAN A woman of the century (page 531 crop).jpgMAUD MORGAN. daughter of the famous organist, George Washbourne Morgan, who was born 9th April, 1822, in Gloucester, England, and settled in New York City in 1853. Maud received a liberal education, with particular care to develop her musical gifts, which were early displayed. She took a long and thorough musical course with her father, and afterwards studied the harp with Alfred Toulmin. She made her debut as a harpist in 1875, in a concert with Ole Bull. She played in concerts with her father, and has made tours of the United States with prominent musical organizations. She is ranked among the most famous harpists of the century.