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Woman of the Century/Maude Gillette Phillips

PHILLIPS, Miss Maude Gillette, author, born in Springfield, Mass., 9th August, 1860. On the paternal side she comes from one of the oldest Dutch families in New York State, and still holding in possession the spacious house built by Peter Phillips, who came to this country two-hundred years ago and purchased his land of an Indian chief. Through her mother she is descended from General Eaton, of Revolutionary fame. Her mother's father traced his ancestry back to France. Miss Phillips' home has always been in Springfield. MAUDE GILLETTE PHILLIPS A woman of the century (page 579 crop).jpgMAUDE GILLETTE PHILLIPS. In 1878 she entered the sophomore class of Wellesley College and was graduated in 1881. Her literary work consists of miscellaneous articles published in various periodicals, some of them under pen-names, in the line of criticism and fiction She has published a "Popular Manual of English Literature" (New York, 1885). That work has been characterized as the best of its kind now extant. It is carried out upon a philosophic system, that recognizes all literature as a unit based upon national and international influences. A characteristic feature is its colored charts, providing ocular summaries of the cotemporary civilians, authors, scientists, philosophers and artists of each age in Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. A recent article has classified Miss Phillips as one of the most discriminating literary critics of the day. Though fond of books, she is anything but bookish. In short, she seems to be more a woman of the world than a scholar or author.