Woman of the Century/Millie Jane Chapman

CHAPMAN, Miss Millie Jane, doctor of medicine, born in Beaver, Crawford county, Pa., MILLIE JANE CHAPMAN.jpgMILLIE JANE CHAPMAN. 23rd July, 1845. She is the daughter of Lewis K. and Robey Ormsbee Chapman. She had a happy early childhood, but reverses came to the family, and at the age of ten years she was not bound down by any weight or handicapped by wealth which might have prevented the development of the resources within herself. From that age she was self-supporting. The industrious spirit, perseverance, strong judgment, sympathy and kindness possessed by both parents were transmitted to her. Her education was obtained in the public schools and in the State Normal, supplemented by studies at night. She taught school twelve years and was recognized as an efficient instructor. Beginning when "boarding round" was the custom and five dollars per month was the salary, she gradually advanced to schools where higher attainments insured greater compensation. She studied medicine in the Homeopathic College of Cleveland, Ohio. She was graduated in February. 1874 and located at once in Pittsburgh, Pa , where she still resides. She found it a conservative city, unaccustomed to woman doctors and not realizing a demand for them. It required a great struggle to become established. The pioneer efforts and all influence connected therewith were borne as a necessary ordeal to one entering upon an unusual work. She labored with a firm determination to maintain true professional dignity and general courtesy to all deserving associates, cognizant of the fact that hard study and patient perseverance would be necessary to reach the goal. Her true womanly character in the profession has been endorsed by many exalted positions in local, district, State and national medical organizations. Her faith in God and in the brotherhood of mankind has induced her to make extensive efforts for humanity, for the relief of their physical distress and for their education and reformation.