Woman of the Century/Miriam Howard Du Bose

MIRIAM HOWARD DU BOSE.jpgMIRIAM HOWARD DU BOSE. DU BOSE, Mrs. Miriam Howard, woman suffragist, born in Russell county. Ala.. 28th November, 1862. She is a daughter of Ann Lindsay and Augustus Howard. Though born m Alabama, her life has been spent in and near Columbus, Ga. At an early age she showed marked musical talent, playing simple melodies before she was tall enough to mount the piano stool unassisted. At fourteen years of age she began the study of music under a teacher in Columbus, and studied there about two years, which was the only instruction she received. At seventeen she applied for the organist's place in the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, and held the position until her marriage. She was at that time the youngest organist in the State. She has composed several pieces of instrumental music. Her first piece "Rural Polka," was composed at the age of fifteen. She performs on the piano with brilliancy. Gifted in sketching, she has done some life-like work in that line. For the last three years, having been aroused to the work of woman's enfranchisement, she has worked for woman suffrage with heart, pen and purse. Her articles in its interest are earnest and convincing. She is vice-president of the Georgia Woman Suffrage Association, and her busy brain and fingers have originated many schemes to fill the treasury of that organization. It was her generosity which made it possible for Georgia to send her first delegates to the twenty-fourth convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, held in Washington in January, 1892. The money donated was earned by her own hands. She has one son. Her home is in Greenville, Ga.