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MRS H. B. GOODWIN.jpgMRS H. B. GOODWIN. GOODWIN. Mrs. H. B., novelist, was born in Chesterville, Me-, but she has been a resident of Boston, Mass., for many years. She is the daughter of the late Benjamin B. and Elizabeth Lowell Bradbury. Her school-life was spent mainly in Farmington Academy, under the tuition of Alexander H. Abbott. Before her marriage she had written many short stories and sketches, which were published in magazines and papers over her initials, H. B. She was a successful teacher of girls in Bangor, Me., and afterward she was principal of the Charlestown Female Seminary, at that time a popular and widely-known school. The judicious criticism and commendation of her teacher. Prof. Abbott, first stimulated her ambition to be known as an author, but her pen was mainly inspired by and morality characterize all her work. She has compiled a volume of essays on art and history.