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PERRY, Miss Nora, poet, born in Massachusetts, in 1841. Her parents removed to Providence, R. L, in her childhood, and her father was engaged in mercantile business there. She was educated at home and in private schools. She received a varied and liberal training in many lines, and her literary talent was predominant always. At the age of eighteen she began to write for publication. Her first serial story, "Rosalind Newcomb," was published in " Harper's Magazine" in 1859. She went to Boston, Mass., where she now lives. There she became the correspondent of the Chicago "Tribune" and the Providence "Journal." She has contributed many stories and poems to the magazines of the day. Her published books are "After the Ball, and Other Poems" (Boston. 1874 and 1879). "The Tragedy of the Unexpected, and Other Stories" (1880), "Book of Love Stories" (1881), "For a Woman " (1885), "New Songs and Ballads" (1S86), " Flock of Girls " (1887), "Youngest Miss Lorton, and Other Stories" (1889), "Brave Girls" (1889), and " Her Lover's Friends, and Other Poems." Her most popular poem is "After the Ball," which has been many times republished under the title " Maud and Madge." Her work is of the moral order, and shows high thinking and careful polish.