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GAUSE, Mrs. Nora Tnieblood, humanitarian, born on a farm fifty-five miles north of Indianapolis, Ind , 9th February, 1851. She is a NORA TRUEBLOOD GAUSE.jpgNORA TRUEBLOOD GAUSE. daughter of Thomas K and Sarah J. Trueblood, Her parents being members of the Society of Friends, well educated and of a progressive spirit, the daughter naturally championed the cause of the downtrodden. She early manifested a love for declamation and composition, and her first writings are remarkable for their emphatic denunciation of wrong and earnest pleadings for right. From 1868 to 1888 she served in the public schools of Indiana as a teacher. The succeeding five years, as far as lay in her power, were given to home and family, but, so successful was she in reaching the public that she was often called to the platform as a lecturer and organizer. In October, 1886, just one year from the date of her husband's death, she joined the humane workers of Chicago and spent the four succeeding months in writing for the "Humane Journal." In March, 1887, she began to organize societies for the prevention of cruelty, holding public meetings and doing whatever she could to awaken thought on the humane question. To say that her efforts have been attended with enthusiasm and success would be a mild statement, for thousands have been made to see the error of their ways by her convincing arguments and earnest appeals for better protection for all helpless life. She publishes occasional letters descriptive of her travels and work accomplished, and other articles in the " Humane Journal."