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PAULINE HALL.jpgPAULINE HALL. HALL, Miss Pauline, opera singer, born in Cincinnati, O., in 1862. In private life she is known by her family name, Schmitgall. She early showed talent for singing and acting, and in her early years she sang in choruses. Being left to care for herself, Miss Hall concluded to go on the stage. Her first venture was made with the Alice Oates Company, in 1879, in which she appeared in the chorus and in minor parts. The company made a tour of the country, going to California. In 1882 Miss Hall went to New York City, where she has made her permanent home. In New York she made her debut as Venus with "Orpheus and Eurydice," and then she first attracted general attention. She joined the Casino Company and sang with great success for five consecutive seasons, becoming one of the most popular of the metropolitan singers. Her most notable success was in "Erminie," which ran for three years. During the past three years Miss Hall has traveled with a company of her own, and she has displayed great business capacity in her double role of star and manager. She has acquired a large fortune. Her repertory includes "Amorita," "Erminie," "La Belle Helene," "Madame Favart" and many other operettas. She is known as a beautiful woman, of medium size, with black hair and brown eyes, and a quiet, reposeful manner on the stage. She is one of the few actors who "make up" very little for their roles. She has introduced a new method of acting and singing and demonstrated its success. The key-note of her artistic performance is naturalness.