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ARMBRUSTER, Mrs. Sara Dary, business woman and publisher, born in Philadelphia, Pa., 29th September, 1862. Her early years were passed in luxury, and she had all the advantages of thorough schooling. When she was seventeen years old, reverses left her family poor and she was made partly helpless by paralysis. Obliged to support herself and other members of her family she took the Irving House, a hotel of ninety-five rooms, in Philadelphia, and by good management made it a successful establishment and lifted herself and those dependent upon her above poverty. She was married at an early age. Of her three children, only one is living. She has been a business woman, and a successful one from the day on which she was thrown upon her own resources. She originated in Philadelphia the Woman's Exchange. Her present enterprise is to furnish a house for the infants of widows and deserted wives in her native city. She is the publisher of the "Woman's Journal," a weekly paper devoted to the cause of women. Her interest in philanthropic movements is earnest and active.