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SARAH DYER HOBART.jpgSARAH DYER HOBART. HOBART, Mrs. Sarah Dyer, poet and author, born in Otsego, Wis., 20th September, 1845. Her parents were among the earliest settlers in that part of the State, and her early life was that of a pioneer. Her parents were intelligent and ambitious for her, and gave her all the assistance in their power, and she did the rest for herself. She became a well-educated person. She commenced her literary career at the age of eighteen, and has been a contributor to the periodical press ever since. Her poems soon made her name well known, and her sketches added to her popularity. In 1866 she became the wife of Colonel M. C. Hobart, who had just returned from the war. Three children grace their pleasant home on Fountain Prairie, in Wisconsin. Mrs. Hobart now stands among the acknowledged poets of the country. Her sonnets are perhaps her best work. Her poems have not yet been gathered in a volume.