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HALL. Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth, educator, was born in New York City. She is the third daughter of John George Heybeck, who came to this country from the south of Germany about sixty-five years ago, and who lived to a very old age. Miss Heybeck began to teach when very young, SARAH ELIZABETH HALL.jpgSARAH ELIZABETH HALL. having distinguished herself in school and early shown special talent for that vocation. After graduating from the Saturday Normal School, the only institution in those days for the improvement of teachers in New York City, she received a State certificate, the highest honor conferred on teachers of the public schools. After teaching about three years in the lower part of the city, she was appointed, in 1858, to grammar-school No. 35, under Thomas Hunter, which for many years was known as the best boys' school of the city, and there she acquired the particular esteem of the principal. It was her influence in that school that induced the principal to abolish corporal punishment and to rule by moral suasion. When the Normal College was established, in February, 1870, she accepted the position of assistant to the president in preference to that of principal of a grammar-school which was offered her. In the past twenty-two years' service in the Normal College she has filled her place with zeal and executive ability.