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ROSS, Mrs. Virginia Evelyn, author, born in Galena, Ill., 1st February, 1857. Her maiden name was Conlee. She is the youngest of twelve children. She comes of a hardy pioneer class of genuine Americans. She removed with her parents, who are still living, to Charles City, VIRGINIA EVELYN ROSS A woman of the century (page 633 crop).jpgVIRGINIA EVELYN ROSS. Iowa, in 1864, but the restless spirit of the pioneer settler carried them to Johnson county. Neb., in 1869, where Virginia passed the greater part of her early life. She there became the wife of T. J. Ross,in 1879. She had received only the rudiments of a text-book education, but her talent sprang into activity, like the crystal flow from a mountain spring. Not being possessed of a strong physical body, she has taxed herself severely. She is a model housekeeper, wife and mother, and has found time, with all her home and society duties, to execute some beautiful paintings. Her series of articles entitled "To Brides, Past, Present and Future," and "Hints to Husbands," has been extensively copied. Her literary work has been so far confined to newspapers and magazines, and her publishers have kept their demand for material far ahead of her ability to produce. Her numerous poems show a high order of talent. Her home is in Omaha. Neb.