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Woman of the Century/Virginia Meriwether Davis

VIRGINIA MERIWETHER DAVIS.jpgVIRGINIA MERIWETHER DAVIS. DAVIS, Mrs. Virginia Meriwether, doctor of medicine, born in Memphis, Tenn, 18th April, 1862. She deserves a place in the muster roll of America's women as a representative of the present generation. A daughter of Lide Meriwether, heredity and education made simple to her the problem which had been complex to the generation before, and she took a personal independence naturally. This was without question due to the environment to which she was born. Shortly after becoming a widow, she went to New York to study medicine in the college o. which Dr. Emily Blackwell was founder and dean. She was graduated in three years with the honors of her class, and she has since remained in New York to practice. Her medical work has been almost exclusively in connection with the New York Infant Asylum, where she has served as resident physician for four years. This city institution has the largest lying-in service conducted by women in the United States, and, to the credit of women be it said, the lowest mortality and sick rates of any lying-in wards in the world.