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PRUIT, Mrs. Willie Franklin, poet, born in Tennessee, in 1865. Her maiden name was Franklin. Her parents moved to Texas at the close of the Civil War, while she was an infant, and the larger part of her lite has been spent in that State. She belongs to one of the oldest and most aristocratic families of Tennessee. She received a liberal and thorough education. While in school, she displayed unusual intellectual powers. She began to write verses when she was a child, and at the age of thirteen years she contributed to the local press. Most of her poems have been published under the pen-name "Aylmer Ney." Her reputation extends WILLIE FRANKLIN PRUIT. A woman of the century (page 601 crop).jpgWILLIE FRANKLIN PRUIT. throughout the South. In 1887 Miss Franklin became the wife of Drew Pruit, a lawyer, of Fort Worth, Tex., in which city she resides. Her family consists of one son. She is a very energetic woman and takes great interest in her city. She is engaged in charitable and public enterprises. She is vice-president of the Woman's Humane Association of Fort Worth, and through her exertions the city has a number of handsome drinking fountains for man and beast. She is a member of the Texas board of lady managers of the World's Fair Exhibit Association, and she works actively and intelligently in its interests.