A Biographical Dictionary of Modern Rationalists/Ahrens, Professor Heinrich

Ahrens, Professor Heinrich, Ph.D., German jurist. B. July 14, 1808. Ed. Gottingen University, where he met, and adopted the Pantheistic philosophy of, K. F. C. Krause. In 1833 he began to lecture on German philosophy at Paris, and in the following year he became professor of philosophy at Brussels. He was appointed Deputy to the Frankfort Parliament in 1848, and was prominent among the advanced liberals. In 1850 he was appointed professor of law and political science at Gratz University, and from 1860 onward he was professor of practical philosophy and politics at Leipzig. Ahrens founded a special school of law, and his Cours de droit naturel (2 vols., 1838) and other works had high authority. D. Aug. 2, 1874.