A Biographical Dictionary of Modern Rationalists/Anthony, Susan Brownell

Anthony, Susan Brownell, American reformer. B. (of Quaker parents) Feb. 15, 1820. Miss Anthony taught in a New York school from 1835 to 1850, and in the later forties she began to take a prominent part in the Abolitionist, Temperance, and Feminist movements. She had a large share in securing for American women the possession of their earnings and the guardianship of their children, and few names are more honoured than hers is among the advanced women of America. She was, like so many of the women pioneers, an Agnostic, and in the History of Woman Suffrage (3 vols., 1881-87), which she and Mrs. Gage wrote, the Churches are not spared. See The Life and Work of S. B. Anthony (2 vols., 1898–99), by Ida H. Harper. D. Mar. 13, 1906.