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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/An-lo Kung-chu

10An-lo Kung-chu 安樂公主. Died A.D. 710. The Princess An-lo, a daughter of the Emperor Chung Tsung of the T'ang dynasty, who with her sister, T'ai-p'ing Kung-chu, acquired under the weak rule of their father considerable political power. She was married in the first instance to a relative of the Empress Wu Hou, 武崇訓 Wu Ch'ung Hsün, who was shortly afterwards executed for treason. In 710 she married his brother, 武延秀 Wu Yen-hsiu, and joined her mother, the Empress 韋 Wei, in the conspiracy against her father, and his ultimate murder (see Li Hsien); for which she was put to death by the young Prince, her nephew, afterwards known as the Emperor Ming Huang.