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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Ch'ên Hsien (陳詵)

223 Ch'ên Hsien 陳詵 (T. 叔大. H. 寶齊). A.D. 1641-1722. Descended from an illustrious Chehkiang family, he graduated as chü jen in 1672, and served as a Censor in Peking, offering many valuable suggestions, especially on the conservation of the Yellow River. Sent as Governor to Kueichou, he promoted the reclamation of waste lands, sericulture, and fruit-growing, besides doing much for education. After a term as Governor of Hupeh, he returned to Peking as President of the Board of Works, and retired in 1719. An indefatigable student, he left only scattered notes on the History and the Four Books. Canonised as 文恪.