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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Ch'ên Lan-pin

231 Ch'ên Lan-pin 陳蘭彬 (H. 麗秋 ). A native of Kuangtung, who graduated as chin shih in A.D. 1853. In 1867 he was appointed to the staff of Liu Ch'ang-yu, who was commanding against the Nien fei. In 1872 he proceeded with a number of students on an educational mission to the United States. He was sent on a commission of enquiry into the coolie traffic with Cuba, from which he returned in 1874, when he was appointed Vice Director of the Imperial Clan Court. In 1878 he was sent as Envoy to Spain, Peru, and the United States. In 1879 he was made Senior Vice President of the Court of Censors, and in 1882 Minister of the Tsung-li Yamên. From the latter post he was dismissed in 1884, and a month later he retired into private life.