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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Chia-chêng

27Chang Chia-chêng 張嘉貞. 8th cent. A.D. A native of 蒲 P'u-chou in Shansi, who rose to be Minister of State under the Emperor Ming Huang of the T'ang dynasty. On one occasion, failing to remember his personal name, the Emperor actually nominated another Chang to an office he had destined for this one; however, at night, his Majesty happened to come across the name of the right man, and gave him a better appointment still. He was President of the Board of Works at his death; and the equipages of himself and his brother Chang Chia- 祐 yu, who was a General, made such a show in the street where they lived that the neighbours called the place the 鳴玽里 Street of Tinkling Regalia. Canonised as 恭肅.