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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Chien-chih

30Chang Chien-chih 張柬之 (T. 孟將). A.D. 625-706. A native of Hsiang-yang in Hupeh, who graduated as chin shih and entered upon a public career. It was not however until 689, when there was a call for men of talent, that he distinguished himself at the competition between those who presented themselves by coming out first on the list. He was at once made a Censor, and later on he was recommended, in spite of his age, by Ti Jen-chieh to the Empress Wu Hou, under whom he filled many high posts. It was he who discovered the plot of Chang Ch'ang-tsung, and who put the two brothers to death. Under the Emperor Chung Tsung he lost his influence, and was dismissed to the provinces, where he died. Canonised as 文貞.