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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Chung-chien

46Chang Chung-chien 張仲堅. 7th cent. A.D. A mysterious personage, who attached himself for some time to the fortunes of Li Ching, and was recognised by Hung Fu, his beautiful concubine, as her brother. He seems to have remained with Li Ching until the establishment of the T'ang dynasty, and then to have disappeared as mysteriously as he came. In 636 it was reported by the wild tribes of the south that an ocean-going vessel had come to the 扶餘 Fu-yü country, and that the leader of the expedition had killed the king and set himself on the throne. This man was recognised by Li Ching as being none other than Chang Chung-chien. From his large curly beard he was known as 虬髯公.