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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Hsün (張浚)

64Chang Hsün 張浚 (T. 德遠). Died A.D. 1164. An official of high repute under the Emperors Ch'in Tsung and Kao Tsung of the Sung dynasty. Graduating as chin shih, he rose to hold various important civil and military posts, and was successful on several occasions in checking the incursions of the China Tartars, notably in 1118 and 1126. He was all for war and extermination, and would hear of no compromise with these enemies of his country. In reference to his mission of defence to Shensi and Ssǔch'uan, Chao Ting said of him that he had "repaired the heavens and cleansed the sun." In 1137 he fell a victim to the intrigues of Ch'in Kuei, whose policy he steadily opposed, and was sent to 永 Yung-chou in Hunan, where he remained until the death of his rival in 1155. He was then recalled, and once more played a leading but ineffectual part. He was ennobled as Duke, and afterwards raised to the rank of Prince. He was deeply read, especially in the Canon of Changes, on which he wrote a commentary. Canonised as 忠鬳.