A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang K'an

77Chang K'an 张堪 (T. 君游). 1st cent. A.D. A native of Nan-yang in Honan, who on being left an orphan resigned all his fortune to a cousin and betook himself to study at Ch'ang-an. He soon became known as a "Divine Boy," and attracted the attention of Liu Hsiu, afterwards first Emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty. When the latter came to the throne he gave Chang an appointment as secretary in a Board. It was Chang who urged Wu Han to proceed against the White Emperor (see Kung-sun Shu) when he was on the point of turning back; and it was he who made a careful inventory of all the valuable loot found at Ch'êng-tu, out of which he kept back absolutely nothing for himself. Promoted later on to be Governor of Yü-yang, his administration was so benign that every blade of corn is said to have borne two ears. He entirely succeeded in keeping the Hsiung-nu in check, and died at his post, full of honours.